Business legal support

Business legal support in Tver

 Subscription legal services — permanent, complex services on all legal issues of, rendered by Legal Company “Odissey” to the legal entities

 A legal company’s advantages to an in-house attorney:

  •  A legal company won’t fall ill, take a vacation, resign and leave to competitors
  • In case of subscription legal services (support) you don’t have to pay the Uniform Social Tax, the Personal Income Tax, leave salary and pay for the sick certificates;
  •   Within the limits of business legal support not one but the whole team of lawyers, focused on various fields of law, will render services to You;
  • Legal Corporation “Odissey” provides specific guarantees on adequate legal support;
  • When making a Contract on business legal support for the firm, You would employ in fact the whole team of qualified lawyers, paying for their work several times less if any similar employees were on the staff of Your Company!

 Legal Company “Odissey” provides legal support for business, firms and transactions. It renders one-time services to the legal entities at the price, agreed in advance. Subscription legal support is provided for the firm at the fixed monthly price. The company provides a staff lawyer, working at Your Company’s office, for a full-time working day. The regular lawyer, interacting with the Client on all current issues, is assigned to the Client for a whole period of legal services’ rendering.

 Legal services within the limits of business legal support include:

  •  Preliminary audit of the constituent documents;
  • Oral consultations on the current economic activity of the legal entity;
  • Analysis of current business blueprints on their compliance with the legislation;
  • Development of standard draft contracts on the main fields of activity;
  • Making of internal draft documents (provisions, instructions and regulations);
  • Making of letters, legal recourses, applications and claims to the state agencies and commercial organizations;
  • Making and analysis of current economic contracts;
  • Preparation of information memos for legal entities;
  • Legal support of transactions;
  • Litigation support;

 We will make an exclusive range of services for You under subscription servicing on mutually agreed conditions!

 Learn more in detail about our legal services and business legal support, by contacting our specialists.

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