Registration of companies

 Registration of companies and legal entities in Tver

We provide You with our services on registration of legal entities and companies of any form:

  • Registration of a limited liability company (LLC);
  • Registration of a closed joint-stock company (CJSC);
  • Registration of an open joint-stock company (OJSC);
  • Registration of a non-commercial organization;

 From July1, 2002 tax inspections became in charge of the companies’ registration, and that made possible to simplify the procedure for company’s registration. There was no more necessity to agree the future name of the company during its registration and examine the constituent documents.

The following documents are provided to the registration authority for state registration of the legal entities (private enterprise registration):

1. application for state registration of the legal entity according to the form, approved by the Government regulation and signed by the applicant;

2. decision on the establishment of the legal entity in the form of a protocol, contract or any other document in compliance with the Russian Federation legislation;

3. extract from the Register of Foreign Legal Entities of the relevant state of origin or any other similar legal evidence of legal status of the foreign-legal member-shareholder;

4. state duty receipt;

5. guarantee letter, confirming the office (building) owner’s consent to make a lease or any other contract on operation of the specified office (building) with the established company, and for determination of the established company’s legal address;

6. copy of the Certificate of State Registration of Title to the office (building), specified in cluase 6;

 The state duty for legal entities’ state registration is charged in the amount of 4 000 roubles.

According to the Russian Federation legislation the registration of legal entities (registration of a private company) is an act of the federal executive authority (Federal Tax Service inspections at the present time), performed by entering into the state registers of information about the establishment , reorganization and liquidation of the legal entities, acquisition of an individual entrepreneur status by the physical bodies, discontinuation of the physical bodies’ activity as individual entrepreneurs, and also other data about legal entities and individual entrepreneurs; the entrance of the information is made in compliance with the Federal law “About state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs”.

 Our Company’s specialists are ready to render assistance in the solution of any issues, relative to the registration of the legal entities and firms. We can help You and are ready to render assistance in settlement of any issues, relative to the registration of legal entities and companies. We will help You to gain insight into the legal niceties of the legislation and formalize properly all the required documents in the shortest possible period of time:

 When setting to preparation of the constituent documents, we recommend You to be governed by the following:

  • business legal structure;
  • name of the Company;
  • subject and objects of activity;
  • composition of the Company shareholders;
  • amount of the Charter Capital and allocation of the shares between the shareholders and allocation of shares in the Charter Capital between the shareholders;
  • procedure for formation of the Company’s assets and allocation of profits;
  •  management and control authorities , documents’ storage conditions;
  • terms of reorganization and dissolution of the Company’s activity;
  • Company’s legal address;
  • form of taxation;



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